Top 5 Relationship Tips

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Looking for some relationship tips? It’s a great thing to do. Everybody’s relationship needs a little work from time to time.

Relationships can be so exciting at the start. During this time you are always anxious to see other and spend time together. You always spend each minute dreaming about each other and just can’t keep off the phone, social media, Skype or online chat rooms.

Unfortunately as you get more comfortable together, the excitement generally recedes and the need to touch base becomes more infrequent and a period of normality sets in. It is at this point in the relationship a few tips can be just what you need to set you back on the right track and keep your relationship strong.

In any relationship there is always a point when things do not go quite so smoothly. When your partner is throwing hints that something is not right, don’t just bury your head in the sand. Here are the top 5 relationship tips which you can use to make your relationship blossom:

1. Make your partner your best friend

A relationship based on romance alone does not always last. There are days when you just aren’t in the mood to be romantic with your partner. Not that romance is bad, it is just that you can’t maintain it 24/7. To have a strong relationship, even when the romance is not present, you need to be really good friends. Support each other and make sure you both enjoy the freedom to pursue your goals.

Good friends live together through good and the tough times, sharing your joy and giving you a shoulder to cry on and support when you need it. Your spouse or partner should be your very best friend, being with you through good and bad. You need to do the same for them.

2. Learn to listen and communicate with your partner

Talking is something that not many men like to do or simply ignore. However it is the most important secret to a successful relationship.

You cannot say you are good friends if you don’t listen to each other and communicate freely. Communicate your feelings and thoughts to your partner. The reality is that listening is a choice and if you make the choice to hear out your partner, you get to earn her respect for it.

Without communication, tension will build within the relationship and you may not know where it is coming from, especially if you are not paying any attention to her. If there is something on your mind, communicate it to your partner.

The truth is that the answer to your problems is not going to fall out of the sky. You must first discuss what is going on between you and maintain an even flow of open communication to remain close.

A good, strong relationship will feature communication of all sorts, sometimes deep and meaningful and sometimes about the every day things that make up life.

3. Don’t try to change your partner

If you want a precious and enviable relationship, accept each other the way you are, including weaknesses and strengths. This acceptance of each other only happens when you can be free to be yourself without worrying about judgment.

No one is perfect. You need to focus on your partner’s positive points and not their flaws. Even if your partner has added some weight, look at the fun side of her, when she always makes you laugh.

4. Spend quality time with your partner

All the three tips will not just drop from the sky when you don’t spend time together. Spending quality time together is an investment in your future relationship. You can really only feel loved and loving towards your partner if you are with them.

Keep some fun in your life and enjoy yourselves don’t make life too serious. Relax, ease the tension and reduce the stress, tension is a real relationship killer. Never assume that because you have been together for a long time that you no longer need to make an effort where your relationship is concerned.

Find things that you both like and engage in them, like turning off the television and actually talking to each other. Try for a ‘date’ at least once a month – going out to dinner, a movie or just visiting your favourite coffee shop and spending a few precious hours. This will give you a chance to recharge your relationship and invest in the future.

If you ignore these relationship tips and don’t spend quality time with your spouse, you will grow to find your partner becoming ‘a stranger’ in your life.

5. Keep intimate

It is easy to grow apart when all’s you do is share the same bed. Relationships are all about sharing and caring. If you loose the intimacy in your life, then you loose the very backbone of your relationship. The odd caress, the fleeting glance and the kiss goodbye all help to keep the excitement alive.

Don’t just give up on those little surprises and gifts, long-term relationships do not mean that you shouldn’t still show that you still care for each other. Love each other, be kind to each other, and respect each other and work together to fulfill both your dreams.

Relationships are all about give and take, understanding your partner, enjoying the experience and always looking for that little thing that keeps your relationship alive. Learn to change with the times, embrace change and look forward to the excitement it brings. Above all never assume that the grass is any greener on the other side!

Your relationship is the most precious investment you make in life. The biggest investment in a relationship is not the time or money, it is your emotions. If you follow these relationship tips and invest in your relationship now, you will find you enjoy a strong relationship that will see you through the worst times in your life, and give you much more joy in the good times.

How to Save a Relationship in 5 Steps

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Relationship problems are quite common and a lot of hard work has to be put in to save a relationship. It is not easy to sustain relationships but if you follow certain steps this bumpy road might become a whole lot easier.

Most of the times problems in relationship come when both the parties feel that the other is not giving them the attention and love they have come to crave that leads to distances becoming wider. Although it can look bleak, the situation can still be salvaged if you are willing to work for it.

Step 1: Decide How Important This Is

The first thing that you must understand is whether the relationship is truly important in your life. It is necessary that you understand the worth of this relationship before you set out to repair it.

You need to understand that relationship is a two way road. You cannot save it alone. Both of the partners must make the effort or else the work is futile and that relationship is not meant to be.

Ask yourself why you want to stay in this relationship. Do you want it because it has become a part of your life and you find it convenient, or is it because you truly value it? Easiest is not always best. Look at our top relationship tips for more info.

Step 2: What’s Wrong?

The next step is to realize the things that are going wrong. Why has your relationship taken a turn for the worse? What is the reason behind the growing differences? You need to understand the cause of the problem before you set out to treat it.

One example is that of affairs. There is misconception that the failure of marriage is a result of an affair. Almost always, that is not true. Some marriages survive affairs.

Even if not, it wasn’t just chance that made one person have an affair. You need to ask what caused the person to want to have an affair. That’s probably what is the problem with the relationship – it’s not the affair, but the same underlying issue that caused the affair is causing the breakdown of the relationship.

So, whether it’s an affair or another problem that is bringing things to a crisis in your relationship, ask yourself (and maybe the other partner) what compelled you or partner to engage in this activity? What was missing in the relationship, or what  is happening in the relationship that they don’t like?

Step 3: Clear Communication – Without Blaming

Once the real issue is clear, communication comes into play. You need to talk it out with your partner. Explain your stance and listen to their views.

Some of their points might hurt you but take it as a sign that they are willing to talk things out and have another go at the relationship. Both of you will need to consciously avoid blaming the other (or a third party) or discussing whose fault something is. There are plenty of tips for a no-fault style of communication online.

Holding hands while talking would give the impression that you are still willing to make the effort. Contact is always a good way to smooth out the snafus in your relationship.

Step 4: Action

Once you have talked things out, set out the course of action that you want to take. Plan the things that are needed to be done and then make it a point to do them.

Spending time is essential in maintaining a relationship. It does not matter how busy your schedule is. Take time for your relationship. If you do not spend time together you will not be able to understand one another and the distance will get wider.

Step 5: Moving Forward

The last thing you need to remember that relationship is like a dance. You won’t solve all your problems at one time and then have a perfect relationship forever. You will continue to take steps forth and back. The key is to not lose hope and be determined to make it work.

Apologize and compromise. That is the key to the success of a relationship. Take a minute before blaming the other and try to understand that it takes two hands to clap.